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What About the Violence in the Old Testament?

Many people make a distinction between the God of the Old Testament, described as vengeful and violent, and the God …

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The Historicity of Jesus: How Do We Know He Ever Existed?

Did Jesus ever actually live? Some people claim He did not, suggesting instead that Jesus was just a myth and …

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The Problem With the Problem of Evil

“If God’s so good, why does evil exist?” This objection is frequently raised by opponents of a belief in the …

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Has the Bible Been Corrupted Through the Centuries?

Do you remember playing the Telephone Game as a child? Typically, this game starts with a group of children sitting …

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How Christians Can Respond to Skeptics

Faith in Jesus is not blind or illogical. Instead, Christianity is considered by most Christ-followers to be a reasonable faith. …

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Do Christians Need to Fear Questions About Their Faith?

Skeptics are not the only ones with questions about the Bible and the Christian faith. Many devout Christians have concerns, …

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