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I Was Baptized as an Infant; Should I Be Baptized Again?

Whether or not to be baptized as a believer can be a difficult decision for people who have previously been …

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Social Media and Mental Health Part 3: Gaining Control Over Social Media

As we have seen in parts one and two of this series on Social Media and Mental Health, the vast …

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Social Media and Mental Health Part 2: The Dangers of Social Media

As discussed in part one of this series, social media offers some definite mental health benefits. It holds considerable potential …

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Social Media and Mental Health Part 1: The Positive Influence of Social Media

I recently had the privilege of speaking at Celebrate Recovery at Kings Church, where participants experience victory over the hurts, …

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Ownership vs. Stewardship: A Biblical Perspective on Managing Money God’s Way

Steward — \ˈstü-ərd\: One who manages another’s property, finances, or other affairs. Stewardship is a term that you might hear …

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Spiritual Warfare

The Reality of Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual warfare. For some, the very mention of the term causes them to salivate like Pavlov’s dog. For others, terms …

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