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Has the Bible Been Corrupted Through the Centuries?

Do you remember playing the Telephone Game as a child? Typically, this game starts with a group of children sitting …

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How Christians Can Respond to Skeptics

Faith in Jesus is not blind or illogical. Instead, Christianity is considered by most Christ-followers to be a reasonable faith. …

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What Does the Bible Say about Baptism?

For nearly 2000 years, the Christian Church has emphasized the sacrament of baptism. But why? What is the Biblical foundation …

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What Is Baptism?

Though predominantly a Christian sacrament, practices similar to baptism predated Christianity in the form of Jewish and pagan cleansing rituals. …

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The Evolution of Communion

The practice of Communion—a common ritual that binds all Christians together—is perhaps the most meaningful and time-honoured tradition within the …

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Do Christians Need to Fear Questions About Their Faith?

Skeptics are not the only ones with questions about the Bible and the Christian faith. Many devout Christians have concerns, …

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