What Does the Bible Say About Slavery?

“The Bible endorses slavery.” If true, this common objection would appear to be a strike against the morality of Biblical …

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How to Love God With Your Mind

In every area of life you are either growing or you are dying. You are improving or you are degrading. …

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Archaeology and the Bible

A popular assumption claims that the Bible is contradicted by archaeological evidence, but is it true? Does archaeology refute or …

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God and the Cosmic Teapot

Bertrand Russell, the famous philosopher and atheist, once compared belief in the existence of God to belief in a cosmic …

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Presents Under The Christmas Tree 13566100528mV

Christmas Dangers — Be Careful for Goodness Sake!

It might be the most wonderful time of the year, but it can also be the most dangerous. Amid the …

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Out Of Focus Christmas Lights 110661300063209aQe

The Best Christmas Investments

We make choices everyday on how we’re going to invest our time, our energy, and our finances. Sometimes we make …

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