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What Does the Bible Say About Slavery?

“The Bible endorses slavery.” If true, this common objection would appear to be a strike against the morality of Biblical …

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How to Love God With Your Mind

In every area of life you are either growing or you are dying. You are improving or you are degrading. …

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The Apocalypse – The End of the World As We Know It?

Many Christian believers admit to a certain fascination with the biblical book of Revelation and other apocalyptic scriptures. Though some …

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The Trinity — Where Did This Doctrine Originate?

Christians understand Jesus to be God, but also consider the Father and the Holy Spirit to be God. So are …

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Christus Ravenna Mosaic

Jesus — Truly God, Truly Man

Ask people on the street about Jesus and you’ll get a variety of responses. Many people say He was an …

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Did Jesus Come from Pagan Religions?

A popular and growing belief is that the Christian Jesus is just a copycat of pagan religious figures. This is …

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