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Who Is Jesus?

When it comes to the identity of Jesus, there are diverse and even conflicting opinions. Was he a prophet? Was …

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Jesus and Servanthood

While Jesus was walking the earth, He talked a lot about the importance of serving. But Jesus did not merely …

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The Trinity and the Council of Nicaea

Since the time of Jesus and the formation of the early Church, Christians have believed that Jesus is God. However, …

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The Divinity of Jesus — Where Did This Belief Originate?

The most basic belief of the Christian Church is the belief that Jesus was and is God. But when did …

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Relational Healing — Six Steps to Reconciliation

Whether you are dealing with a spouse, a friend, or a coworker, relational conflicts are inevitable. Misunderstandings, words spoken in …

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Overcoming Obstacles

We all face obstacles in life. These obstacles can threaten to derail us as we press toward our goals. But …

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