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Is Tithing Still Relevant for Christians Today?

Should Christians tithe their income to God through the Church? That’s the question many Christians/Christ-followers find themselves asking as they …

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Mattia Preti   The Adoration Of The Shepherds   Google Art Project

Why Did Jesus Come?

Beyond the gifts and decorations, the lights and the songs, Christmas is ultimately about the coming of Jesus to earth …

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426px Annunciation To The Shepherds Miniature

The Message That Changed the World

It was March 10, 1876, when years of experiments finally paid off. A message of six simple words changed the …

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The Christmas Invasion

How do you celebrate the season? Do you get together with friends and family? Do you bake a tray full …

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Maintain Peace at Christmastime

A common pitfall in many homes at Christmas time is that the added stress of the season leads to shortened …

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Nativity 17

Keep the Birth of Jesus Central to Your Christmas

We talk about Christmas being a holiday. But do you know where the word “holiday” comes from? It’s a contraction …

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